Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DataArchiva?

DataArchiva is a Salesforce application available in app exchange and is used Salesforce data archive needs.

How different is DataArchiva from other existing in-premise or cloud solutions?

DataArchiva is a native to Salesforce platform, which means, the archived data does not leave Salesforce echo system. Being native to Salesforce, there are many advantages w.r.t Security, throughput, platform scalability, hardware, etc.

Where does the data gets archived?

DataArchiva archives data in to big data storage called Big Objects. DataArchiva has a layer on top of Big Objects that takes care of handling object relationship, data types, indexes, etc under the hood.

Do I need to procure any additional software or hardware?

No additional software or hardware needed for DataArchiva.

Do I need to pay extra for Big Object storage too in addition to data storage

By default Salesforce provides free storage upto 1 million records for Big Objects and beyond this is chargable. The cost of Big Object storage is way cheaper than the regular Salesforce Objects.

What is the storage limit of Big Object?

This being a big data, large volume of data can be stored in terms of terabytes. There is no official mention of size limit for Big Object from Salesforce.