Data Archive

Do you support Initial Data Offloading?

Yes. DataArchiva supports initial data offloading from Salesforce to your archive storage. In case of external archiving, DataArchiva can offload the data at a lightning speed.

How does DataArchiva takes care of security?

DataArchiva is a GDPR compliant application. Also the app comes with default security features to ensure data security. For more information, please contact us.

Can we restore the archived data back to Salesforce?

Yes. Archived records can be restored back to your Salesforce app at any given point in time.

Can we view the archived data within the Salesforce app?

Yes. Archived data can be viewed within your Salesforce app.

Does DataArchiva maintain object relationships after archiving?

Yes. DataArchiva maintains any type of complex object relationships in order to ensure data integrity.

Which Salesforce apps DataArchiva supports?

DataArchiva supports Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Industry Clouds (Health, Financial, etc.), apps built on platform.

Do I need any additional connector to integrate Salesforce & external Cloud platform?

No additional connector is required to integrate your Salesforce system with your external cloud system to archive data. This is an additional cost saving.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes. We do offer a 14-Day Free Trial.

Who can use DataArchiva?

DataArchiva can be used by Salesforce customers using any type of Salesforce app, or app.

What types of Salesforce data can be archived using DataArchiva?

Any standard objects, custom objects, field audit data, system audit data, chatter feeds, files & attachments can be archived using DataArchiva.

How to use DataArchiva for the Salesforce data archive?

Please visit AppExchange & Install the applications (Native or External) by following the steps. Our support team can help you if you require.

Does DataArchiva support On-premise platforms?

Yes. DataArchiva supports On-premise platforms. Customers can use their On-prem platform to keep the Salesforce archived data in their own database.

Which external database DataArchiva supports to keep the Salesforce archived data?

DataArchiva supports all popular databases including MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Oracle to keep the Salesforce archived data.

Which external Cloud platforms DataArchiva supports for Salesforce data archive?

DataArchiva supports all major external cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud to archive Salesforce data.

What is a Big Object?

Big Object is a Salesforce big data based storage system. Big Objects can store & manage a massive volume of data easily.

How DataArchiva archives data within Salesforce?

DataArchiva is the ONLY Salesforce archiving application that supports Big Objects for archiving. Salesforce customers can archive their data from Salesforce data storage to Big Object storage which is a part of their Salesforce ecosystem.

What is DataArchiva Archiving?

DataArchiva is a data archive application for Salesforce listed on the AppExchange. The application offers both native as well as external archiving options for Salesforce. With DataArchiva, Salesforce customers can optimize Salesforce data storage, reduce storage costs, enhance performance, and maintain compliance with data policies.