My understanding, based on AppX information, is that prospective customers must either own or purchase new Big Objects in order to use your solution. Can you please confirm if I am correct in my understanding?

Yes, they should own or purchase new BigObjects. If they want to archive data up to 2 GB, then the available 1 million records storage is sufficient. They do not have to buy any extra scrum of BigObjects. But, if they want to archive data out of Salesforce, then we do have solutions for that as well.

Are backups of the BigObjects used to archive data created?

Big object data backup can be setup using any third party ETL tool as it supports all the APIs same as custom object ( ex: data loader )

When using Big Objects, how is archived data access configured? How do you ensure right access with BigObjects while not using role hierarchy and sharing rules?

As you know, BigObject does not support role hierarchy and sharing rules. So DataArchiva retains share records of each archived records in big object to evaluate who can see the record. Moreover, Archived data view/page uses describeLayout metadata API to render the page dynamically.

Is data in BO reliable and scalable?

Yes. BO is highly scalable and reliable.

Is data stored in BO safe and secure?

Yes. Your data will be highly secured as BO is a native Salesforce storage system.

Can I choose other external storage other than BO?

Yes you can. DataArchiva offers a connector called “DataConnectiva” using which you can choose any cloud/on-premise storage system to store your archived data. For more information, please get in touch with us.

What is the storage limit of Big Objects?

This being a big data, large volume of data can be stored in terms of terabytes. There is no official mention of size limit for Big Objects from Salesforce.

Do I need to pay extra for Big Object storage too in addition to data storage

By default Salesforce provides free storage upto 1 million records for Big Objects and beyond this is chargable. The cost of Big Objects storage is way cheaper than the regular Salesforce Objects.