Backup & Recovery

How to recover the backup data?

Data can be recovered in bulk as well as at a record level.

Do you offer a Free Trial of DataArchiva Backup?

Yes. We offer a 14-Day Free Trial.

Can DataArchiva backup data from applications built on platform?

Yes. DataArchiva supports backup of any apps built on the platform.

Does DataArchiva backup metadata also?

Yes. DataArchiva supports metadata backup & recovery.

Which type of Salesforce data DataArchiva supports for backup & recovery?

Customers can backup any standard object, custom object, metadata, app data using DataArchiva.

Does DataArchiva support On-prem systems for Salesforce backup?

Yes. DataArchiva supports on-prem systems to backup Salesforce data.

Where to keep the backup data using DataArchiva?

Using DataArchiva Backup, you can keep your backup data in S3, SharePoint or within your Server.

Which external cloud platforms DataArchiva supports for Salesforce data backup?

DataArchiva supports all major 3rd-party cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Heroku, and Google Cloud to backup Salesforce data.

What is DataArchiva Backup?

DataArchiva offers backup & recovery solutions for Salesforce in order to protect critical business data. The application is listed on the AppExchange & supports multiple external platforms to backup data.